How To Apply For Aadhar Card Online: Know Here

If you don’t know that how to apply for Aadhar Card online, or if you have lost one, you must go through this blog. Mind it that without it, you may not get the benefits of any Government scheme. Also, it may not be possible to open an account in any bank. Even today, most companies have made it compulsory to submit a photocopy of it as mandatory ID proof. Therefore, It is nothing wrong to say that it has become an integral part of every Indian. But the main problem is that we don’t know how to apply for an Aadhar Card online and methods to fix other related issues.  

So, this blog is for you that will guide you to resolve all your related doubts. 

Here we cover three major topics related to it. 

  1. Why should you apply for it?
  2. How to apply for Aadhar Card online?
  3. How to update it with some changes? 
  4. What to do if your itis lost?

Ok, let’s get into the details now. 

Why Should You Apply For It?

In India, you can never avoid the importance of it. It is the most valid ID proof to prevent your rights as an Indian citizen. It helps you to avail all the benefits that only an Indian can get in India. Various Government authorities use it to identify you as a unique identity. And, therefore we call its number a Unique Identification number. You may have multiple voter ID cards with different or same addresses as well. But, Biometric technology has made it impossible to have more than one of it. And therefore, you may consider it as the most valid and authenticated ID proof. And in addition to this, it is mandatory at some other places as well.

The prime purpose behind launching it was to reduce illegal migration from other nations. As per various reports, some political powers have issued voter cards to many unauthorized migrants to enhance their vote bank. It affects the Indian Election system badly. And, it made the Government launch such Card. And therefore, soon, we may see it replacing the voter card. Let’s see some benefits of the Aadhar Card.

Benefits Of It

  1.  It helps you in e-signing any legal documents remotely. And that electronic signatures are valid for all parts of India.  
  2. Also, you must have it to open a bank account.
  3. It resolves the complexities of the PF account. Once you connect your PF account to your UID number, you will get the PF amount directly into your bank account. 
  4. In addition to this, you must have it to get various Government subsidies. 
  5. It makes the scholarship application process very easy. 
  6. Also, it helps in getting a Passport, and that too in comparatively less time. 

Other than these, there are a lot of other benefits of the Aadhar Card also. And, considering all those benefits, one can never deny its importance. 

How To Apply For Aadhar Card Online?

If you find any non-government website or link providing you the Adhaar Card, please stay away. Otherwise, you may get yourself in any big fraud. The government does not allow any public to apply for the Aadhar Card directly online. But, some fraudsters may cheat you with a fake online Aadhar Card form.  

The government has established somecenters in various localities. And, therefore, it is mandatory to visit there for all your related concerns. The only thing you can do from your side is getting an Aadhar card online registration appointment at your nearestauthorized center. 

To book an appointment, follow the steps given here. 

Steps To Apply For It Online.

  1. Visit the official website of UIDAI. Click here. 
  2. After that, On the very first page, find the menu Get Aadhar, and Click on it. 
  3. After that, a new web page will appear to you. And, there you may see the option Book an Appointment. Click it, and you may see a form appeared on your screen. 
  4. Choose the nearest center there, and click the button below to proceed to the booking. On the next page, provide other asked details as well. 
  5. Then, click on the Generate OTP button, and confirm the OTP with your mobile number. After that, you get an Appointment number along with the Appointment date and time. Now, you need to visit the assigned center on the estimated date and time. While going to its center, remember to carry your ID proof, address proof, and some passport size photos with you. And, follow all the instructions of the Officials there. 

Note the minimum required age to get it is 5 Years. And, that means this Card is available for Children as well. The Aadhar card application form for a child may differ from the application form for an adult.  

The problem that most of us face when applying for it is that:- 

  1. What documents required for the Aadhar card for a child?
  2. You may not know what documents you need to carry to get it. 

Therefore, to clear your doubts, visit the link

Match and see if you have all the required certificates for Aadhar enrolment.  

How To Update Aadhar Card? 

Unlike the Apply for the Aadhar Card, you don’t need to book an appointment or to visit its authorized centers in every case. Aadhar Card correction form online registration is available, and it saves your time regarding the same. You may need to visit the center only if either you have lost the contact number registered with it or if you have to make some demographic and biometric changes to it. To update it yourself, follow the steps below. 

  1. Visit the SSUP page on the official website of UIDAI. Click here.
  2. You will see a new web page on your screen, and there you may find the button to proceed to update Aadhar. Click on it.
  3. On the next page, enter your UID number, and complete the Captcha verification. And then, click on the Send OTP. 
  4. You will get an OTP at your registered number. Enter the OTP in the box provided for that, and click the Login button below. 
  5. After the login, you may see two options. The first one is to make some demographic changes, and the second one is to update the Aadhar card. If you choose the first one, you may have to visit the nearest Aadhar Center. But, for the second one, you don’t need it, 
  6. If you choose the first one, you will get the information about the nearest center. But, for the second one, the website may ask you to enter the secret code.  
  7. Mention the code, and click Proceed, and finally, you may change some details. 

How To Download it?

If you want to download the Aadhar Card, follow a few simple steps. 

  1. Visit the UIDAI website, and click on My Aadhar. 
  2. Among the various sub-menus, choose the Download Aadhar Card option. 
  3. Here, you get three ways to download it. The first one is through your UID number, the second one using your EID, and the last one is using your VID. Choose the one applicable to you. If you want the Masked one, tick the option available there and complete the Captcha verification to get the OTP on your registered mobile number. 
  4. Enter and confirm the OTP, and you may finally you may see it available for download. 

Here, I have mentioned the term Masked one. Do you know what it is? 

What is Masked Aadhar? 

It hides the first eight digits of your Aadhar, and only the last four are visible. It provides more security to your UID number. And it is acceptable in every part of India and in every government agency where it should be. 

Interestingly, other than an ordinary one and the Masked one, the UIDAI also provides the Aadhar PVC card. Let’s see, what is it, and how to get it? 

What Is An Aadhar PVC Card? 

It is an ordinary card but printed on PVC. PVC makes it more durable and easy to handle, similar to that of your PAN card, Debit card, and so on. Some of the benefits of a PVC Aadhar card are that it has some advanced security features such as Guilloche Pattern, ghost image, hologram, and so-on. And, therefore, it is comparatively more secure than the ordinary one. PVC sheet makes it looks attractive, and it has the pocket-sized variability feature. Also, it is highly durable and convenient to carry. 

How To Get The PVC Aadhar Card?

It is easy to get the PVC card the same as an ordinary one and the Masked one. You need to follow a few simple steps. 

  1. Visit the official website of UIDAI. Click here. 
  2. Under the Get Aadhar Card section, you may see the option Order Aadhar PVC Card. Click on that, and it will take you to an online form. Complete that Application Form with the required details and submit it.
  3. After that, that UIDAI may ask you to pay INR 50 to deliver it. 
  4. After the successful payment, you will get the confirmation message along with the estimated delivery date of delivery to your address.

How To Check Its Status?

If you have applied for it or made any changes to it and want to check the latest update about it, you should follow a few simple steps. Let’s, see,  

  1. Visit its official website. Click here. 
  2. Under the Get Aadhar section, find the option Update Your Aadhar Card. And there, you may find the option Check Aadhar Card update status. Click on that. 
  3. Now, a new online form will appear to you. Complete the form and click on the Check Status option. It will display the latest update. 

To check the status, you may need the EID that you may find on your acknowledgment slip. It is a 14 digit number. In case you have lost your receipt and forgot the EID as well, you may retrieve it as- well. To do so, follow these steps.

How To Retrieve The EID Number?

  1. Visit the link
  2. A new page will appear on your device screen. Choose the EID option there.  
  3. Provide some details such as name, contact number, and so on. Complete the available verification process, and you will find your EID number on your registered mobile number. 

When you open an account in any bank, the bank may ask you to link your Account with it. Generally, they do it, but sometimes, you may get messages that may read like:- Please link your XXXXX bank account with your Aadhar Card. It may be due to two common reasons.

  1. Your Bank account and the Aadhar are not linked. 
  2. It is linked. But the bank has not updated it yet on their server on bank server responsible for sending such messages.  

In either of these two cases, you don’t need to visit the bank. You may check it yourself online.

How To Check The Bank Linking Status?

To do so, follow the steps below. 

  1. Visit the link
  2. It opens a new form on your screen. Feel the required details and mention the captcha, and Confirm the OTP. 
  3. It will display all your bank accounts linked to it. 

Ok, Do you know what to do if you have lost it? Almost all of you may be familiar with filing an FIR. But, what extra things you may do to ensure more safety. If you don’t, don’t worry, you are about to know something special today.

What To Do If You Lost It ? 

Of course, the very thing you should do is file an FIR. Also, you may block it as well, as you may do with your Debit Card, Credit Card, Visa, and some other cards. And, if you did it, no one can ever misuse it. But, before you lock your Aadhar Card, make sure to get the Latest VID as an alternative to it. To get the VID, write an SMS RVID(Space) Last four digits of the UID number and send it to 1947 from your registered mobile number.  

Ok, To block Aadhar Card, follow these steps. 

  1. Visit the UIDAI official page. 
  2. On the top, you find an option named My Aadhar. Click on it. 
  3. Again, you get some sub-menus. Find and choose the option lock and unlock service from there, and click on it. 
  4. A new form may appear to you. Choose the lock option there and provide all the information and verify the captcha on the next page. Then, click the Send OTP button. 
  5. Enter the OTP you received on your registered number, and click the Enter OTP button. And it will get locked. 

To unlock the Aadhar Card, follow the similar to locking it. But here, you have to choose the Unlock option rather than the lock option. It takes you to a new page asking you to provide the VID number and enter the send OTP button to get an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter and confirm the OTP. And your UID number will get unlock. 

I hope that now you know how to apply for Aadhar Card online. And besides, how to fix other related issues. But still, if you have any doubts, feel free to ask through the comment box below.

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