How To Apply For PAN Card In 2021: Know The Steps Here

How to apply for a PAN card? Are you searching for it? If so, you must go through this blog, and it will resolve all your PAN-related doubts. Most of you may be thinking that applying for this card is tedious. And, some of you may even have paid a decent amount to any agent to get it. 

But, let me tell you that getting it is quite simple. You can do it yourself. Just fill a PAN card application form online, and you will get it soon at your doorstep. After going through this post, you will come to know:-

  1. Why you need it? 
  2. How to apply for it? 
  3. What to do if it is lost?
  4. How to correct your PAN card if you already have one? 
  5. How to check your PAN card status

So, read this blog very carefully to know how to apply for a PAN Card.

What is PAN Card, And Why You Need It? 

Before we move to see how to apply for a PAN Card, let’s see “what is it and why you need it?”.

PAN or the Permanent Account Number is a must for every Indian who is making money here in India. If you don’t have it, you may probably face some legal troubles at any time. Banks link your account with it. And, the purpose is to decide whether your income is under the tax payable slab or not. It is a Government-authorized card and regulated by the Income Tax Department of the Government. To track and handle most of the income tax concern, Indian Government mostly rely on PAN card income tax system. 

So, if you don’t have it, you may probably face legal action under Tax fraud. Almost all banks today do not allow to open an account without it. However, some banks may offer you to submit its details later. If you have deposited more than a certain amount in your bank accounts, the Government may apply some charges over the same. And, therefore, it tracks the financial status of your bank accounts. So, having any Bank account without it is an attempt to hide your financial-status from the Income-tax department. And, of course, it is a serious financial crime. 

So, you can never deny its importance. And if you don’t have one, follow the steps given here to get it ASAP. 

Now, let’s see how to apply for a PAN Card.

Steps To Get A PAN Card

If you are searchingthat how to apply for a PAN Card, you should visit any of these two Websites. And fill the application form to get the PAN Card.

  1. NSDL

Here, I will tell you how to apply for PAN Card through NSDL. 

Process To Apply For The PAN Card through NSDL? 

Follow the steps below to get the PAN Card NSDL

  1. click 
  2. At the bottom, you may see the option to apply online. Click it, and you may see an application form. 
  3. Then, choose the Application type. For Indians applying for it for the first time, select the option New PAN Indian Citizen (49A). Otherwise, choose the form 49AA. 
  4. After that, choose the category. You may get it for an Individual, firm, company, group, trust, and so-on. There are many options available. Choose the applicable. 
  5. Now, provide your details such as Name, Date of birth, and so -on.
  6. After that, tick the checkbox to accept the “T&C” and submit the captcha code. 
  7. Then, click on the submit button. Wait for a while, and you may see a message confirming the successful registration, and you get a token number valid for a limited time. Now you may see a button “Continue with PAN application form” below the message. Click it to proceed forward.
  8. Again, a new page will appear to you. Scroll down, and you may see the option “Whether Physical PAN Card is required?” Choose one. If you are applying for the Physical Card, you may have to pay some amount. But, the PAN card download is free. 
  9. Now, provide your Aadhar Card details and some other information. 
  10. Then, submit the ID proof and fill the declaration form, and then click submit. After that, you will get an acknowledgment number that helps to track the PAN card status
  11. Now, pay the fee if you have applied for the physical card. Otherwise, you may get the confirmation message. 

Now, wait for 15 to 20, and you will get it. However, in some cases, it may take at most 30 days. 

Thing To Remember

Remember that you should not apply for it if you already have one. Otherwise, the Government may levy a penalty charge of INR 10000 or more. However, you may request some changes to it. However, for that as well, you must have all required valid proof. You can apply for a second one only if you lose your first account.

What To Do If It Is Lost? 

Now, you know how a apply for a PAN Card. But, what if you had already one, and you lost it. Don’t worry. You may get a new one without that much trouble. 

To Reprint PAN Card, visit the official site And submit all required details, and apply. After a while, the new E-PAN Card will be available to download.

If you want the Physical card, follow the steps given below. 

  1. First of all, complain about the lost PAN card to your nearest Police Station. Get a copy of the FIR from there. 
  2. After that, visit the official Website of TIN NSDL and click on the option Online Application for PAN card. A new page will appear to you. 
  3. Further, steps 1 to 7 will almost be the same as applying for a new one. But, in the application type section of the form, choose the option “Changes or Correction in existing PAN data, or reprint PAN card.” After you click the option mentioned in Step 7 above, a new page will appear to you. Provide the lost card details there. 
  4. After that, submit the scanned copy of all asked documents and the FIR copy if required. 
  5. Now, submit the form, and make the required payment online. After the successful payment, you get an acknowledgment number. You may use that for further correspondence. 
  6. Wait for at most two weeks, and you will get it at your doorstep. 

How To Make Changes To Your PAN card?

 How to apply for a PAN Card is a simple task these days. And, so making some changes in it as well. To change any details in it, follow the same steps as in the case of a lost card. The only difference is that here you may not need the FIR copy. 

If you have applied for the PAN card, and you want to check the status, you may do so as follow. 

How To Check PAN Card Status?

To check the PAN card status, visit the link Submit the required details. After a while, you may see the report on your PC screen. 

I hope this blog may have helped you to know how to apply for PAN Card online.

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